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Donnie Buchanan
Donnie Buchanan
Accountant, Xero

About the instructor


Thanks for dropping by.

I create these courses because I am a business owner and I want the most value from the software I pay for.

I pay for a lot of software. 

It pains me to see users who don't get trained and end up designing these processes and workflows that are crap, they also don't use a virtual advisor to help them use Xero for setting and smashing business goals.

I see too much waste and it sucks.

I worked at Xero for 3 years and helped ensure users all around the world got their value for money.

Xero is pretty awesome software, if you understand how it works best. 

I use Xero to run our 2 family businesses.

This gives me more time at home, where my wife Karene, and two sons Blake and Mitchell can spend more time with me and tell me how crap I am at singing and how to build Minecraft worlds.

Donnie Buchanan

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