Course Description

Do you want to help your clients by preventing them from tax headaches in advance?
You can when you build your own tax preventer in Xero report templates

Using Xero HQ and Xero report templates, we:

  1. Provide you with text, wording and layouts so you can copy / paste
  2. Show you how to build the reports and then insert our wording and formulas
  3. Show you how to use the new tax preventer
  4. Show you what the results can mean for your clients

Why the tax preventer is best for you:

  1. The course is for advisors, accountants and bookkeepers
  2. Anywhere in the world
  3. Is for multiple entity types
  4. Is for multiple industry types
  5. Can be tailored for your client types or sizes
  6. Can be for multiple periods, such as 9 months actuals, 10 months actuals or 11 months actuals
  7. Includes data external to Xero such as wages, deductions and investment income
  8. Shows you how to use Xero report templates for other cool tools

Xero Reporting Guru Donnie Buchanan

Hi! Thanks for dropping by.I create these courses because I am a business owner and I want the most value from the software I pay for.I pay for a lot of software. It pains me to see users who don't get trained and end up designing these processes and workflows that are crap, they also don't use a virtual advisor to help them use Xero for setting and smashing business goals.I see too much waste and it sucks.I worked at Xero for 3 years and helped ensure users all around the world got their value for money.Xero is pretty awesome software, if you understand how it works best. I use Xero to run our 2 family businesses.This gives me more time at home, where my wife Karene, and two sons Blake and Mitchell can spend more time with me and tell me how crap I am at singing and how to build Minecraft worlds.Donnie Buchanan

Course curriculum

    1. Let's get started in Xero HQ

    2. Let's make sure you understand!

    3. Let's get the right reports and framework in place!

    4. Another test to keep you focused!

    5. Let's add all the formulas and make our clients happy!

    6. Let's test you again!

    7. Let's do the last report!

    8. Final quiz!

    9. You made it!

    1. Let's do this! Let's help a client out!

    2. Let's use an example client of Jack Dee from Consulting Kings Trust

    3. Let's get you focused again!

    4. Let's run this baby and get the figures we want!

    5. Let's use it for a company, a small difference from a trust

    6. Another quiz!

    7. Let's check we did everything, use the checklist!

    8. Final test!

    1. What else can you build - see our Youtube channel

    2. Before you go...

    3. Thank you and goodbye!

    1. Frequently asked questions

    2. How to I import non-Xero data into a Xero ledger?

    3. What is Data Dear and how does it help me?

    4. What is G-Accon and how does it help me?

    5. What else can I build in Xero?

    6. How do I know if I am successful?

About this course

  • $599.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content