Course curriculum

    1. These are resources for our GPFR in Xero clients

    2. Your new reports

    3. Your new chart of accounts

    4. The proven benefits of this course

    5. Assumed knowledge of Xero

    6. Disclaimer

    7. GPFR Pricing Comparison Table

    1. This section

    2. What are Xero doing?

    3. I have not done GPFR since university!

    4. Where do I review accounting standards?

    5. How do I know if my client needs GPFR?

    6. What are simplified disclosures? and what is AASB 1060? and what does it mean?

    7. How do I know if I am Tier 1 or Tier 2?

    8. What are auditors saying?

    9. Find an auditor

    10. What is a less complex entity (LCE)?

    11. Free Whitepaper "State Of The Industry - GPFR in Xero"

    1. This section

    2. My client lodges with QBCC

    3. My clients has an AFSL license

    4. My clients needs GPFR for the ATO

    5. My client is a Large Pty Limited

    1. This section

    2. Who cares?

    3. What about auditors?

    4. What is materiality?

    5. What is fair presentation?

    6. What is an accounting policy? IAS 8

    7. What accounting policy do I use?

    8. What is an accounting estimate? IAS 8

    9. What is fair value? IFRS 13

    10. How do I calculate fair value?

    11. What is an event after the reporting date? IAS 10

    12. What are the components of a complete set of GPFR? IAS 1

    13. What needs to be in the Notes? IAS 1

    14. What about the cash flow statement? IAS 7

    15. Do I need to prepare the statement of changes in equity?

    1. This section

    2. Use 4 tabs or suffer

    3. How do I get started in Xero? (video)

    4. Stage 1 - Complete the accounts in Xero

    5. Stage 2 - Add all non-financial information first

    6. Stage 3 - Check the mapping of the accounts

    7. Stage 4 - Re-run the whole report with the right dates

    8. Stage 5 - Prepare GPFR, its all in the notes

    9. Stage 6 - How to reclassify expense appropriations

    10. Stage 6 - Final health check

    1. This section

    2. Do I have any XYZ checklists to follow?

    3. Do I have any XYZ financial statement examples ?

    4. How do I manage date ranges and comparatives?

    5. Xero's cash flow statement isn't working

    6. How do I add the Statement of Changes in Equity in Xero?

    7. How do I add operating profit to the directors report?

    8. How do I insert additional disclosures?

    9. How do I add dividends paid amounts to the directors report?

    10. How do I add imputation credits amounts to the directors report?

    11. Can I copy a published report?

    12. I need to add a report that is not in Xero, can I do that?

    13. How do I update the property, plant & equipment note?

    14. How do we report for a trust in Xero?

    15. Is there an example of a trust GPFR?

    16. How do I add more reports?

    17. How to add financial instruments

    18. How do I disaggregate revenue in Xero?

    19. How do I know if I have a related party situation?

    20. How do I add a business combinations disclosure?

    21. How to I add the audit report(s)?

    22. How to make related party disclosures in Xero

    23. How to record provisions for leave in Xero

    24. How to record right of use assets and lease liabilities in Xero

    25. How to add the Xero income tax expense to GPFR

    26. How to record deferred tax assets and liabilities in Xero

    27. How to reclassify expense accounts to equity

    28. How to use the Xero cash flow statement, the 4 methods

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