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Xero Reporting Guru Donnie Buchanan

Hi! Thanks for dropping by.I create these courses because I am a business owner and I want the most value from the software I pay for.I pay for a lot of software. It pains me to see users who don't get trained and end up designing these processes and workflows that are crap, they also don't use a virtual advisor to help them use Xero for setting and smashing business goals.I see too much waste and it sucks.I worked at Xero for 3 years and helped ensure users all around the world got their value for money.Xero is pretty awesome software, if you understand how it works best. I use Xero to run our 2 family businesses.This gives me more time at home, where my wife Karene, and two sons Blake and Mitchell can spend more time with me and tell me how crap I am at singing and how to build Minecraft worlds.Donnie Buchanan

Course curriculum

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. How do I use the master chart of accounts

    3. How can I use excel and save time

    4. How do I use the account code

    5. How do I use the reporting name

    6. How do I export and re-import

    7. How do I create contra accounts

    8. Quiz - Chart of Accounts Essentials

    1. Chapter introduction

    2. Importing warning

    3. How do I import into a new customer

    4. How do I import into a new customer - with conversion balances

    5. How do I import into an existing customer - who has their own chart

    6. How do I import into an existing customer - who has the Xero default

    7. How do I import into an existing customer - who only needs owner accounts

    8. How do I import the master chart into a Xero ledger that has no transactions or balances

    9. Quiz - Importing chart of accounts

    10. How do I add owner conversion balances, including opening balances?

    11. How do I add more than 5 beneficiaries / shareholders / partners?

    12. How do I map my hire purchase or chattel mortgage accounts

    13. Other FAQs around this chapter

    14. How to enter trustee, director, partner, chairman, ABN

    1. Set up phase complete

    1. Chapter introduction

    2. How to close off Xero from others

    3. How to bulk edit transactions

    4. How do I find if any new accounts were added?

    5. How to map report codes

    6. Use the "cheat sheet" to map report codes

    7. How NOT to map report codes

    8. Quiz - Report code knowledge check

    9. Quiz - End of Period

    10. Productivity Measures

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