Set Up Xero

Understand what options you have for Xero setups | taught by Donnie Buchanan
Donnie Buchanan
Donnie Buchanan
Freelance Cloud Accountant

About the Instructor


I create these courses for a number of reasons.

Some of my consulting clients need education resources. 

Sometimes I just feel the need to create a course because I see a need to help others or for my own learning. 


Donnie Buchanan

"All great homes have a great foundation" - Graeme Buchanan, 1955 to 2016

If you are going to build your business on Xero, make sure you build a great foundation.

There are plenty of options for setting up Xero.

  • You can use your accountant or bookkeeper
  • You can use free data conversion services
  • You can use data conversion experts
  • You can use cloud consultants

You can also try and do it yourself.

Either way you choose, it pays to have some knowledge about each option.

This quick and simple Ebook style course enables you to make the right choice, given your budget, experience and available time.

Good luck!

Course Contents

12 Videos
7 Quizzes
3 Texts
1 Download
1.0 hr