Course curriculum

    1. This is a series of support resources for you

    2. The proven benefits of this course

    3. Assumed knowledge of Xero

    4. Bonus - How to manage a full client migration to Xero

    5. Bonus download EXCEL - How to manage a full client migration to Xero

    1. This section

    2. Xero Ledgers Conversion Checklist

    3. Xero Operational Updating Checklist

    4. Journal Import Template

    5. Xero conversion PDF guide

    1. Your new reports

    2. Add your logo and brand colour

    3. Your new chart of accounts

    4. Merging the financials with other reports and tax returns

    5. Other Free Xero Resources

    1. This section

    2. Xero has limited options under entity settings

    3. Xero does NOT roll over at period end.

    4. Account codes do NOTHING for reporting

    5. Summary

    1. This section

    2. Get a promo / Get a 30 day free trial

    3. You can bulk migrate clients to Xero, and get discount

    4. You can import data

    5. How to update a Xero that is a mess

    6. How to add conversion balances and fixed assets

    7. How to add conversion balances for owners

    1. This section

    2. Who are the directors / shareholders / owners etc?

    3. Add director, trustee, partner names to Xero

    4. Xero chart of accounts essentials

    5. Add some new accounts to a client

    6. Import the master chart of accounts into an existing client

    7. Edit / delete / archive some accounts

    8. Use the reporting name

    9. Report codes essentials

    10. Common report codes

    11. Common report codes - Revenue REV

    12. Common report codes - Expense EXP

    13. Common report codes - Assets ASS

    14. Common report codes - Liabilty LIA

    15. Common report codes - Equity EQU

    16. Summary

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